Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stupid Kids in my Neighborhood!

I may have mentioned the amount of little kids always running around my neighborhood. I don't actually have a lot in my cul-de-sac, but the adjacent streets are packed full of kids. I usually see them riding their bicycles in gangs, or just running around in the grass. It makes life stressful too; after a hard day at work I'm too tired to watch the road to avoid running over these Arkansas spawn. They should know, if something happens, it's not my fault.

Today on my drive home I saw a pack of them sitting on skateboards riding down their driveway. Into the street.  I didn't hit one. So I rounded the corner and noticed a branch on of of the taller trees in the neighborhood shaking up and down. What were they up to now? They were climbing the tree. Pretty freakin' high too. Look:

And this was on their way down. It's kind of hard to see, but right below the shirtless one there is another. Where are these kids' parents? Seeing the number of little kids around makes me kind of paranoid; I don't want them peeking through my windows at night or something. Trust me, it happens. I used to do it.


  1. You should definitely read "Off Season" by Jack Ketchum. It would make you feel very good about the gang of parentless children in your neighborhood.

  2. You mean the guy who brought us the family classic "The Girl Next Door?"

  3. The photo looks like it's from the 80s! I love it.