Monday, January 23, 2012

Thrift Store Pen Pals - The Blind Bride!

My Thrift Store Pen Pal this time is The Blind Bride. She moved to San Francisco and writes a blog about her goings on in the west coast. She tends to speak what's on her mind, which I suppose is what an anonymous blog is all about!

Her review was pretty interactive and required a bit of setup, which apparently didn't go great. She alludes to drug use and sexy time based on the questionable look of the item I sent her. I was not expecting such things from a bride, so it definitely gave me a laugh! Check out some jungle fun (and perhaps tragedy?) in The Blind Bride's Thrift Store Pen Pal review!!

As always, I encourage anyone who loves free stuff in the mail to get in on the action! clickheresignupnow

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