Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Secret of the Cup and Saucer!

I can accredit this post to my sister who found this greatest-ever cup and saucer. I was visiting her in Kansas and (surprise, surprise) we went to a thrift store to check out the wares. It turns out, since the Overland Park area has so many rich people, their thrift stores have way more/better quality stuff. In Arkansas I mostly just find chipped Precious Moments figurines and broken fondue sets.

Anyway, this is my tribute to the greatest cup and saucer ever made. I say this not only because I have never felt any emotion toward a cup and saucer before now, but because this particular set holds a secret message imprinted into it! Take a look:

I will forgive its puke-green color

I have previously confessed my love for personal mementos found at thrift stores, so finding this made for a happy day. I'll be honest though, I was hoping for the message said something like, "I can't stand living in this house anymore. Susan just won't shut up, and all these cats are driving me insane! I want to leave but I know they're still watching me. I'll just have to take care of Susan and each one of those cats myself..." 

Instead, I feel like this guy (and I do think the artist is a guy, but I don't know why) was in an art class or something and just putting down whatever popped into his head at the time, which seems kind of lame until you realize that each one of these letters had to be put into the wet clay cup/saucer one letter at a time. And there are over 1000 characters imprinted into the cup and saucer (thank you MS Word). 

I am going to transcribe the entire secret message below, but will add any punctuation and spacing that will make it easier to read. I am keeping the typos and grammar errors though, just because. 

"I am going to try to spiral this one. I hope it works out. Michelle is writing down something. It's time for lunch. Back from lunch. It was OK. Acredidation guy talked to Roy, Jason, Sara, and me about our department. I would like to go outside but the cup will dry too fast. Damn. Rob is talking about a English teacher who has three different toupees. Actually more like a full wig. Karen is talking about Mimi's armpits and also ingrown hairs. Yuck. Victor is watching me and says he's being hypnotized. I dunno what to put on here. Kaori is casting. Gabriel is throwing Becca too. Victor is talking about hickeys. This is my last cup. This makes me happy. I need to do somethig new....."

Can you read this?

"We're talking about Days of Our Lives and how Marlena was possessed by the devil. There's computer chip in John's and Princess Gina's head. Stepheno is the evil one obsessed with Marlena and locked in a cage. I started to cry I was laughing so hard. It's Michelle and Becca's favorite soap, they tape it everyday. Now stories of deceiving parents. This is too funny. Now it's onto car explosions and accidents. I want to go outside. Driver's training stories and about the work horse and Cathy drove over the ladies lawn to impress Jordan... I just stopped watching the sexy bachelor thing. It was real bad."

If that isn't prime entertainment, I don't know what is. Or maybe I'm just really strange and get my kicks in unusual ways. Either way, kudos to whoever made this, and even more kudos to whoever felt it wasn't worth keeping and donated it to the thrift store. You never know what you'll find.


  1. Out of all the poetry in the world...the guy makes a piece of art out of random thoughts.

    Some rich art collector would probably still call it art, though.

    So you got a rad deal.

  2. Popping over from 20sb...this is quite impressive in an "I can't avert my eyes" kind of way. I love the Days plot lines etched in time, ha!

  3. Stream of consciousness cup....AMAZING!! But really, if I was going to spend the time to make the damn thing I might put bit more planning into what I'm going to write, but this is way more entertaining. It is a very kick ass Cup and Saucer. : )

  4. That is awesome! Best find by far Woody!

  5. Fantastic find! Everyone should do a post that is a stream of conscious and see how they compare :) then maybe we can all make cups and saucers and send them to you.

  6. WOW! I LOVE THIS! would make my month if I found this, what an awesome idea, I might try something similar have my random thoughts floating about somewhere in the world for anyone to read :)

  7. That's amazing! That must have taken hours for the artist to imprint all those letters, and it reminds me of all those magnet words that you make up random sentences on your refrigerator.

  8. JUST ME: I know, I hope a collector finds my blog and offers me millions. :)

    Amanda: I was impressed too! I looked it up online and it's a legit plotline!

    Brian: You should make your own stream of consciousness cup.

    Nicole: Thanks, glad you approve :)

    Nicole: I would love to do a stream of consciousness post. I will if you will haha. And I would be THRILLED if everyone sent me cups and saucers, I could have the best-ever tea parties :)

    Cherry: Excellent idea, then someone can find it and cherish it forever, like I am with this cup!

    Miss Sassy Pants: I love those magnets! This cup and saucer is like that, except with time and effort included.

  9. I love this find! It's so unique and I know the exact year of Days of Our Lives that they're talking about, it was so weird when Marlena was possessed. I hope the maker of the cup and saucer find this blog one day. . . or maybe you'll find more of their cups?

  10. That is seriously awesome. Hilarious!!

  11. OK! I was bored at work on Saturday, so I thought I'd give this stream of conscious thing a try.

    Your turn Woody!!