Friday, August 12, 2011

Thrift Store Adventures: Home Decor!

I have an admittedly weird style as far as home decor goes; it's like I'm a grandma trapped inside a 25 year old man's body. This time I'm going to show a few things from the thrift store that I actually liked enough to buy and not make fun of!

This pillow is a miracle:

It encompasses everything I love about stuff: 

  • it is a very simplistic design, which is kinda what I'm into.
  • it's a pillow, so it's comfy.
  • it is clearly hand-stitched, making it super awesome because someone took the time to make it.
  • it involves mushrooms and butterflies, and everyone knows fungi are amazing and butterflies are... insects. And they eat dog poop sometimes.

This pillow matches all my other grandmotherly-like pictures of mushrooms in my house. It also seems to go well with all my Craigslist furniture. It does not, however, mesh that well with my red XBox and 55 inch flatscreen. But we learn to live in harmony, somehow.

I also found this painting:

This painting isn't so much "old lady" as it is "pre-teen girl," but I like it. Again, it exemplifies simplicity. It looks like something you'd find in an '80s art gallery. Plus, you can't argue with those colors. If I painted it I probably would have used some manlier colors, but after thinking about it for a minute I can't really define "manly colors." So this painting works just fine :) 

As soon as I saw this one I grabbed it and never let go: 

This is the best art ever. It is a mountain scene with a red cabin set near a lake in a forest. BUT IT'S STITCHED! There's even a reflection of the trees in the water! I paid $2 for this but I would have gladly paid double that. I don't know the real term for this art, and am too lazy to look it up since it's Friday night, but I love it. If anyone knows what this is called... you should say so in the comments. 

It kind of looks like it's from and old school video game. I like to imagine I live there in the cabin with my dog and have to fight off 8-bit forest monsters. I'm a level 14 warrior. 

Anyway, short post today because I want to go do stuff. I feel a little exposed now that you know my dark old-lady-ish secret. But I'm a proud 25 year old male grandmother. And looking back through, that middle painting does not fit the theme of this post... I still love it though!


  1. I appreciate any 25-year-old male who can admit that he is a grandma on the inside. That gives you enough honesty cred to buy as many butterfly-mushroom-mashup pillows as you want.

    Now, since we've decided you're a grandma, may I please have a Werther's Original and a hand-knitted sweater? Thanks a bunch.

  2. Allie has said everything I want to say. :] I love all three of these items.

  3. That pillow is so cute! I love the mushrooms, esp. the one with the round top :D

    The last one is really beautiful...I think we had a piece like that....makes me wonder what happened to it...

  4. Something about the second item (the painting) looks like an Andy Warhol inspired Lego. Idk. That's how my mind works!

  5. ^Myli is right, Andy Warhol is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that painting.

    Does the pillow remind anyone else of old-school Mario, or is that just me?


  6. Hahahaha I like your unique taste!
    I myself am a dorky dad hidden in a 20 something female's body so I know what it is to feel like your outsides don't match your insides. I can make bad dad jokes with the best of them.

  7. "I like to imagine I live there in the cabin with my dog and have to fight off 8-bit forest monsters. I'm a level 14 warrior. " That part caused my eyes to begin to water and if I weren't watching a 16 month old who I don't want to wake up with uproarious laughter, I would have followed through.

    I feel like this requires a walk through video tour of your abode.

  8. I love buying home decor at thrift stores! We had an awesome Che Guevara plate that I got from a Thrift Store but my dog broke it :( Have you ever gone to the Offbeat Home site? Great ideas there for decor.

  9. OK rosewater49 is your dad as you know. This particular blog has me concerned somewhat. Did we not do enough manly things together when you were growing up?

    And for Tiffany: your dog is very smart, Che was a bad, bad man. Che karma is bad karma....cha cha cha.

  10. Wow Woody.....between this stuff and the clown stuff I"m sure people get quite the shock when they come to your place. It has been to long since I have.

  11. Allie: I'm glad you accept me for who I am, and thank you, I will be purchasing many more mushroom-themed items in the future :) I would probably be cool with knitting you a sweater, too.

    Jasmine: Thank you, and thanks for reading!

    TaurMe: I think that one is my favorite as well! If you ever find your yarn art you should send me a pic!

    Myli: I can totally see that!

    Shane: Yes, I definitely see/saw Mario in that pillow. Just one more reason I love it so much.

    Kez: I'd like to hear some of your bad dad jokes! Bring em on.

    C: Thanks :) I may consider this when I make my way into the vlogging world...

    Tiffany: That is super sad, dogs tend to not give a crap. And thanks for introducing me to Offbeat Home! Just what I needed!

    Dad: Our tea parties weren't manly?? Also, you are so weird.

    Brian: I don't buy most of the stuff I show (like the clown stuff), but yes, I get some interesting looks :)

  12. Our tea parties would have been more manly if I could have kept you from wearing that sun dress.

  13. ^Your dad's comments always make me laugh. He sounds like an awesome guy.

    Hear that, rosewater49? You're pretty cool. Just sayin'.


  14. This is good stuff - I always say when thrifting, you have to learn to look past the ugly!