Thursday, August 25, 2011

My First Ever Thrift Store Pen Pal!

I put the names of everyone who signed up to be my Thrift Store Pen Pal for this week into Excel, applied a fancy schmancy randomness formula, and came up with this week's Pen Pal!

Congrats Shane Pilgrim! You are the most random person, and in honor of such a title, I will now send you stuff to look at and review!

Once you receive your mystery item, just let me know and I will link over to your post :)

Everyone less fortunate than Mr. Pilgrim, keep signing up. I will choose another Pen Pal next week. The question is, should I make everyone sign up again for next week or just let the same old list keep growing? Hmm...


  1. I'd say sign up again. Since there were only about 7 or 8 people to sign up this time, everyone had a really good shot to win.

    And if they want to keep being entered, I'd say make everyone sign up again. I know I will.

  2. We'll most certainly sign up again! :)
    Congrats Shane!

  3. Seems to me, being your dad, you could have put a little bug in your fancy schmancy randomness formula so that it would have picked me. Just joking.....kinda

  4. Thanks, buddy! Package has just now been received. I opened it at work..I laughed out loud. Well done. As soon as I get the time to exercise some creativity we shall be pen-pal'ing it up. Look for me to return the favor in weeks to come.


  5. You need a button Woody! I wanna put it on my Blog!!

  6. I'm commenting again because I want to be a pen pal and don't want to be forgotten!
    Bonus: I'm sure my boyfriend will do something stupid/say something stupid about it- so you'll probably get two blog posts! One on each blog :)