Thursday, August 18, 2011

Idea - Thrift Store Pen Pals!?

So I have an idea, but I wanted to run it by you guys first to gauge interest/make sure I'm not retarded.

Basically, I'd like to send some bloggers a random item from the thrift store (picked out by me!) and have the blogger (possibly you!) talk about it or review it on his/her own site. We'd then link to each other's sites, hopefully giving each of us some fresh readers, making this project mutually beneficial. I'm thinking of calling it Thrift Store Pen Pals, or some other such thing.

The item would probably be like something you'd find on this site, so maybe a book, a piece of clothing, a weird toy, or something of the sort. Basically whatever I deem weird enough to send to a random person. I'd pay for shipping and item cost because I'm awesome like that. You'd just have to wait for it to get to your house, open it, laugh, and review/write something about it on your blog.

I would do this every week or couple weeks. The blogger would be chosen at random. Maybe with a contest of some sort, or just a random person who "likes" the Facebook page? I don't know, I'll figure out the mechanics later, but it sounds fun to me. What do you think? Would anyone be interested in such shenanigans?

If this idea sucks, just let me know. I just had the idea and I thought it sounded fun :)


  1. I'm totally in. Love this idea! Very original. And in the event that I were to receive an object in the future, the favor would definitely be repaid. What type of pen pal doesn't write back? haha


  2. I think this is really creative, especially if you're willing to pay for shipping and handling, big balla. I'd be down! Definitely do it! Just make sure you get people who will absolutely send it back to you and not just keep it as a gift. Lol.

  3. Shane: Sounds good to me, we can trade reviews!

    Carrymel: It IS a gift! Most thrift store stuff is less than a couple dollars so I'm not super concerned.

  4. I'm game!! I think it's a great idea.

    OR!! you could have your readers send YOU stuff to write about that they have found.

  5. This idea is great :) I would so be down to write about a fun item from the thrift store!

    I also like Nicole's idea of having people send you stuff they find...who knows what awesome you might get?

  6. I love this idea! I find weird stuff at my thrift store and it's always a great conversation piece amongst my friends. If you chose me as the random blogger, I'd be so excited to see what you'd send me. It would be quite an adventure!

  7. Love it! I'd so write about it! And of course send something equally as weird back. . .it has to be a mutual relationship!

  8. What a fun idea! Please, please have at least one international "pen pal" ;)
    I'm totally in!

  9. Nicole: I think I'm gonna do it! And that's an awesome idea, I'll have to include that suggestion in my game :)

    Laura: Awesome!

    Myli: You're a fellow thrifter?? You should definitely sign up when I decide to do it :)

    Tiffany: I like your style, a mutual relationship sounds way better!

    Storm: I think I could squeeze a couple international pen pals in :)

    Eli: Thank you, sir!

  10. Robert, you don't have to send me the item, just bring it home next time you're back. :-)

  11. ^Nicole's suggestion is great. You are the master of writing funny things about thrift stores. On the other hand, I think some of us would also be willing to give it a shot! :D

  12. oh yay!! I've signed up!
    very excited :D