Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stupid Kids in my Neighborhood - The Tire Swing!

I have written about these dumb kids several times now, and it appeared as though they weren't getting any smarter. But on my way to work this morning, I noticed something. Something that may, in fact, be a redeeming quality. Remember the tall-ass tree they were climbing? Well I saw that they were trying to build something - there was a pile of rocks around the tree and some chairs. Maybe they were making a fort? Then I noticed they added a tire swing, something not just any Arkansan child can do. Then I drove a bit closer and saw the tire swing in all its glory:

Haha, just kidding, I knew this thing was crap the second I saw it

Yes, that is a BICYCLE tire swing. While still technically a "tire swing," it kind of misses the point. And the fact that I live in Arkansas shows itself again. Sorry for the bad picture; I had to zoom in quite a bit because I thought that walking up and taking pictures in some random little kids' play area seemed creepier than I prefer to be.


  1. Isn't that really a 'wheel' swing?

  2. Yeah, good point. They can't even get a tire swing right. The future of America...