Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stream of Consciousness!

In a previous post, I unraveled the stream of consciousness ramblings I found imprinted on a cup and saucer I found. A fellow blogger had the idea that we should all do a stream of consciousness blog and then compare and contrast, so that's what I did earlier today. If anyone wants to join in on the fun... it's pretty fun! Although, I must admit, I omitted some of what popped into my head, for which you should go ahead and thank me. 

Today is really boring at work. Not that I’m typing this at work, if any coworkers are reading this. No, really… The pens that the Square D reps gave us are really crappy. Every 8th click of the pen, the tip gets stuck out. That sounds really dirty, but it’s not. This banana looks pretty good. I’ve been eating a lot of bananas lately. Supposedly they are really good for you. In fact, I read that they should change the saying from “an apple a day…” to “a banana a day keeps the doctor away.” So I’m sold. The price code on bananas is 4011. I know this from my extensive grocery store experience. Price chopper was my first job when I was 15, then I went back when I was about 20, and again when I was 25 when I couldn’t find a job after college. It is frustrating working at a grocery store when you have an Electrical Engineering degree. When I finally found a job I didn’t give my two week notice, but rather a 2 day notice. And I didn’t come in those two days. I almost felt bad, but it was pretty liberating saying I was going to earn in one day at my new job what I made in an entire week at the grocery store. Arc flashes are scary business. I wouldn’t want to be an electrician. My cubicle mate is sick today, I hope I don’t get what she has. I hate being sick, and I always seem to get sick at the most inopportune times. Then again, maybe I’m just a hypochondriac. Allergies are really bad around Northwest Arkansas. A guy came to my door selling internet and TV yesterday. It was really hot outside, so when he shook my hand, my hand came away drenched in his sweat. It was gross. Then he said his allergies were really bad. I didn’t buy his internet because he said I would have to pay like $500 up front. I don’t know how they expect people to be OK with that. I guess there is a place around here called Dogpatch USA. What a weird name. Supposedly it used to be a redneck-themed park, or in other words (since we’re in Arkansas) a park. But that’s just speculation. I want to go to Harry Potter World in Florida and drink butterbeer. I also want to play Dead Space 2, but the friend who has it never lets me come over to play :( I just want to invent something or create something and live off royalties. Or win the lottery. I always play, but never win anything, but that’s OK. I think part of the fun is to be able to say, “If I win the lottery…” which you can’t honestly say if you never play. A couple dollars a week is worth the cheap entertainment to me. Stream of consciousness is kind of hard when your mind is blank. My “cute animals” calendar (which no one seems to find the humor in, except for me) has a really ugly cat for the month of June. I am excited to get to July, but I refuse to look ahead and see what it will be because I like for it to be a surprise every month. It will probably be another donkey or something. I say “another” because one month it was a pony wearing a hat. “Cuz you’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no…” I think I like Katy Perry way more than a 25 year old man should. Guilty pleasure. Which is weird, considering I used to be strictly hard rock. I’ve grown up so much.  Oh man. I don’t know what to do. I have no idea where this scar on my arm came from. Everyone asks me. I think it may have been from a childhood cat or something. It is really interesting because there is a mole ON the scar, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. There is a new restaurant here called Cheezy’s. I really don’t like that name, I think it sounds like a rip off of Cheddar’s. I am, however, intrigued to try their food. I like to try all restaurants, which could get expensive if I let that habit get out of hand. A friend and I are discussing (through text message) the merits of Ramen noodles and draining the water out of it before adding the powder. I had an ex-girlfriend who got mad at me if I drank the Ramen water. She said it had too much sodium. And also, she was crazy. Creamy chicken is the best Ramen flavor, by the way. Tough actin’ Tinactin. I sometimes like dubstep music. It is just so bassy and warbly, I can’t help myself. I set glue spider traps out last night and I caught one this morning. I told my boss about it and when he asked if I caught anything, I told him I caught one and was going to grill him up tonight. He, and other coworkers, just gave me looks like I was crazy, obviously missing the humor or just thinking I’m weird. I am kind of weird. But I like it. At least I’m happy and nice :)


  1. I love how Katy Perry popped up in your "stream of consciousness." Along with butterbeer. Speaking of butterbeer, the last HP movie is DAYS AWAY. =)

  2. I love that you were discussing Ramen with your friend. We should have a spider barbeque and meet up with fellow bloggers!

    Your stream of consciousness is just a crazy and all over the place as mine was. lol Thanks for the link too :-)

  3. I agree with the blogger meet up!

  4. I like it! I'm really tempted to try this myself!

  5. "a banana a day keeps the doctor away".

    WAY better than "apple".

    look out, apple. THERE'S A NEW BEAST IN TOWN!

  6. A spider barbecue sounds marvelous! I'd be down with a blogger meet-up, too.

    Natalie, you should definitely try this. You'd be surprised at how much random stuff goes through your head!