Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Pictures From My Phone, Part 2!

I previously posted a bunch of random pictures I took with my old phone with some descriptions of each. This is same thing, except it'll be with my new phone. Mostly.

Due to the large Hispanic population where I live, I decided to try one of the Mexican restaurants once I got here. I figured it would be the best Mexican food ever. Instead, what I got was this:

Yes, that's a whole fish covered in onions. A fish... and onions... No thank you. Ok, I didn't actually order this, but it was definitely on the menu and I'd like to know how many people have ever ordered this dish. I imagine that the one shown above is the only fish and onions that they've ever had to make, but who knows, maybe I'm missing out on something magical. I also notice that there are five beers sitting next to the fish dish. I can only assume that they are included with the meal to make it somewhat palatable. 

Last week there were a bunch of craft fairs here in Arkansas, which I'm told is a pretty big deal, so I decided to check out all the hubbub. Pretty sure I was the youngest person there and in the 1 percentile of males. Most vendors were watching me like crazy, hoping I'd buy something, so I had to be sneaky when snapping photos. I would pretend to be texting someone, even throwing in a fake laugh now and then. That's how I got this beauty: 

And I use the word "beauty" loosely. Yuck. These things are awful, especially that thing with the long neck in the upper left.

I saw this restaurant in Abilene, Kansas. Of course, I had to stop. I ordered my meal, and I'll tell ya what, the waitress lived up to the restaurant's name; she was a huge kuntz. 

This one is a bit older, but it is from a university newspaper. I don't know if the paradox is intentional or not, but it sure made me laugh!

I went to Wesport, in Kansas City, a couple weeks ago. Walking around in a cooking shop, I found this little number:

 That's right,  it's a black pot-scrubbing servant, complete with bristly hair. I'm pretty surprised they let this fly considering how PC everything is nowadays. 

Yesterday I heard some rustling in the bushy area right outside my bedroom window. The first thought that came to mind was the Lord-of-the-Flies-esque kids from my neighborhood, so I went to the window and opened the blinds. I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised to find one of the kids out there, but it was only a cat. Playing in a big patch of poison ivy. By the time I got my phone out to take a picture it had jumped onto my window sill. 

There was also a brown stain on its forehead which looked like motor oil. There is another strange cat down the street from me. Whenever I drive past, he jumps down in the storm drain. Not sure exactly where the storm drain goes, but there can't be anything healthy down there. Moral: stay away from the cats in Arkansas.

I went to the local neighborhood Harp's grocery store to pick up some green peppers, and this was the store's entire green pepper selection:

Not a single one of the four looked edible. I did without the green peppers or that meal. But along the way, I noticed something else of interest in the produce section. Something Pedobear would take great interest in:

Ah, Ripe & Easy, just the way I like 'em! I imagine the marketing guy's thought process went something like this:

"OK, we need a good label for our kiwis... Something to really grab the shoppers' attention. Well, kiwis are easy to eat, and the ones we sell are ripe, so Ripe & Easy seems logical. And who loves kiwis more than tiny asian girls! The shopper can clearly see that the hairy brown balls inside are kiwis, so we'll just use size 2 font for the word "kiwi" here. Perfect! I'm goin' on break."

In my previous Random Phone Pictures article, I promised I would show you guys my previous years' Halloween costumes, so here's one from a couple years back. 

I'm sorry about this :(

Gold suit man. 

Try not to get too hot over this pic.


  1. Yeah!! You've visited Westport! I'm not from there but I'm a KC native, though if you're planning another trip to KC sometime go to a giant flea market called Super Flea. I went there the other day and I'm pretty sure that you would have a hay day and plenty of blogging material.

  2. OK, you have now crossed the line! That fish looks scrumpdillicious and the dish has the requisite lemon to squeeze over the fish....YUM!! You need to go back and order that and let me know just how scrumptious it is.

  3. Mmmm Ripe and Easy!
    Not a worthy comment, but I just wanted to let you know I started stalking you today. Also, I might or might not be a bit tipsy.