Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spiders in My Bed!

I was gone all weekend for Memorial Day festivities (which were awesome) and so my duplex was left unattended. I returned last night. When I finally decided to crawl into bed, everything seemed normal - at first. But then, I felt something slightly cold and slightly wet around my knee. I figured I had just spilled a drop of water or something like that so I paid it no mind.

I set my phone's alarm and went to plug it in only to realize that my phone charger was still in my bag from the trip! So I threw the covers off of me to grab the charger, and I noticed I had a friend in bed with me:

Waiting for me to fall asleep so it can crawl into my nightmares

Unfortunately for the spider, I didn't feel like cuddling that night so I had to kick him out. It was rather shocking, so I then proceeded to check inch-for-inch in and around my bed for any more cuddle-buddies. I heard a statistic once that people swallow like 8 spiders a year in their sleep, so maybe he was just a suicidal spider waiting for his chance to crawl down my throat? Probably not though, as Snopes says that that's a fake statistic.

Either way, sleep tight! Don't let the wolfies bite! 


  1. What a nice fella, he was cuddling and proved his intentions by NOT biting you. He probably was lonely since you were gone all weekend and wanted to re-bond. Hope you didn't squash him.

  2. I didn't squash him, I felt too bad so I just tossed him outside.

  3. Hi. What a old wives tale Swallowing 8 spiders a year? dont believe that. if you really swollow a spider then you will get side affects.becoming ill.
    This is the most stupid thing I ever read.

    Did they tell you that at a Holloween party??