Friday, July 8, 2011

Vienna Sausage and Green Olive Sandwich!

A coworker had a "Vienna sausage sandwich" for lunch the other day, which I had never heard of. I wasn't so much grossed out by the thought, but more confused because I had never heard of a Vienna sausage sandwich before. She said she just cut the sausages in half and put them on bread with some mayonnaise. I was curious.

I did some Google research and found a single picture of a Vienna sausage sandwich, but it had some green olives on it, so I decided I would come home and try a Vienna sausage and green olive sandwich. I based my recipe solely on what my coworker said and that picture I found on Google images.

I got all my supplies. Instead of mayonnaise, I used light Miracle Whip. I used the light version because if you're going to eat fat, you might as well get the low-fat fat. 

Here is the can of Vienna sausages. They are kind of bunched together and soaking in some kind of juice. 

So I decided to drain them. They remained stuck together. It kind of reminded me of dumping sand from a bucket, or emptying dog food from a can.

I then sliced all the little sausages in half, as I was advised to do by my coworker. 

I put the Miracle Whip on the sandwich. For some reason, any time I have to spread anything onto bread like mayonnaise or peanut butter, I have to spread it all the way to the edges of the bread for a complete spread. Must be the OCD in me.

I laid the half sausages onto their final resting places but had 4 halves left (or two sausages)!

Next up was the placing of the olives. It looks kind of pretty at this point.

The final product: a Vienna sausage and green olive sandwich! This sandwich is probably really unhealthy. I used ten olives, whereas a serving size of these olives is five. I also used seven sausages, which have a serving size of three. Anyway...

I ate it all. It wasn't very good, but halfway through the salty mess I became determined to finish what I'd started. I guess it wasn't TERRIBLE but I can't recommend it to anyone, and anyone thinking of eating this sandwich should probably use less olives. 

Actually, just don't try it. 

After I ate the sandwich I went to the website where I found the picture that I mentioned earlier. I should have actually read what the guy said about it, because 1) it was hilarious, and 2) he said he wished he'd never tried it. I can't claim to have that guy's level of distaste for the sandwich, but it wasn't awesome.

Final Grade: D+


  1. Yeah...I can't say that it looks very appetizing in any of the pictures. But hey, you're a brave soul for trying it out! Kudos for that.

  2. Oh my god I think I almost yaked reading this post... I HATE vienna sausage. And Miracle Whip for that matter. And I am gluten intolerant so I can't eat bread.

    So for me it's a trifecta of bad ideas.

  3. I had never heard of vienna sausage before...and now I feel horribly enlightened. GROSS!!!!

  4. I hate Vienna Sausages. My little sister, however, loves them and could eat them every day. *gag* Points to you for trying it out though.

  5. Hey! It looks GOOD to me. Plenty sodiumy and all around delicious. I do think it would be better on toast tho. A nice salty drink would make it go down just right.

  6. Shane: I like to live life on the edge.

    Sassy Pants: I definitely won't recommend you make this sandwich! It's probably the sandwich they'd serve you in Hell. Actually, if it were Hell you'd probably have to make it yourself.

    Kez: They're like 40 cents a can, try it out! And let me know what you think!

    Nicole: My little sister loves them too. I told her about this sandwich and she salivated.

    Hunkest: Yeah, it was a lot of sodium. I don't know if I fell asleep that night or just had a stroke.

  7. Hey! I found your blog on 20sb. I'm a Arkansas 20sb too. Anyway, I'm so glad you blogged about this because I was literally JUST about to try a Vienna sausage sandwich. Lol No I've never heard of a Vienna sausage sandwich before. I went to the website where you got the picture, and if you didn't read the comments on the post, you should. The comments from Lydia made me laugh. (But maybe that's just because boiling eggs comes easy to me.)

  8. I ran into an old friend and ended up swinging past their house. He asked if I was hungry and made me a vienna sausage sandwich. I was surprisingly impressed and since then every once in a while i'll make my own vienna sausage sandwich. I put pickle/relish/green ppr (whichever I have), and mayo with a side of chips. :)

  9. ^^^Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I blend everything together for a couple of seconds or mash with a fork.

  10. I have never tried to blend it together, but that sounds... interesting! I will probably use your pickle/relish idea; olives were a terrible choice.

  11. I made this sandwich w best foods mayo and green olive spread, I really enjoyed the flavors, I will eat it again💁🏼