Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Entry 1: Part 1

Here I am in Northwest Arkansas. After 6 months of being unemployed after school at KU in Kansas I finally found a job in Rogers, AR. I now live in Bentonville, AR (yes, the home of Walmart) which is basically connected to Rogers.

Now, although this site is not all about life in NWA, part of it is. Especially this part. So the first thing I noticed when I moved down here was all the traffic. For a small(ish) city in the Arkansas Ozarks, I sure was surprised. I've been told it's due to all the Walmart traffic, and the fact that Rogers basically exploded in popularity over the past several years (heck, it's supposedly one of the best places to live!). I also found out that the reality TV family of 19 (and counting) the Duggars live just south of me, so I'm sure that generates plenty of traffic as well. The worst part of it is that no one around here seems to know how to drive! I thought Overland Park, KS drivers were bad, but these AR drivers are comparable to sharing the road with Mr. Miyagi (because he's dead, not because he's Asian. Jeez).

Anyway, I really hate traffic, but I digest. My main forms of entertainment are my computer, my XBox, and my internet. I find that I don't really watch much TV, and when I do it is stuff I can just watch on Hulu anyway. Even a pretty basic TV package is about $750 a year, so for me it's not worth it. Oh, and by this point my TV was still in Kansas, so when I ordered my package from Cox (hehe) I gladly checked "Internet Only." Besides, all I really need is my computer.

Unfortunately, when I moved down here my video card started going to shit on me. It was a pretty nice/expensive card when I got it, too (an Nvidia Geforce 9800GX2 for any of you nerds). It would show crazy red designs all over the screen and make it difficult to watch or read anything. it eventually completely died and would not display anything on the screen. Luckily, I had the internet, my XBox, and my computer monitor, so I had to MacGyver it and make do. It was a lot like Survivorman; I was barely surviving.

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