Thursday, January 27, 2011

Entry 1.5: "My Duplex Gets Burglarized" or "How I'm Retarded and Fail at Life, and Am Not Proud of it One Bit"

I got home from work today like any normal day; I glared at all the little kids galavanting in the streets, cursing the fact that I live right by a school, and shooed the cats from my yard. But today was different. My front door was wide open..!! Obviously my first thoughts were that I had be robbed and I was thanking my quasi-lucky stars that I had gotten renters insurance the previous week. Heck, I could probably use the insurance money to buy better stuff anyway.

Slowly, I approached the door, clutching my Taco Bueno close to my chest. I peered inside and notice they didn't get my TV. It was probably too big for the jerky-ass burglar to sneak out with. I kept lurking in the house expecting my assailant to be doing the same. I went for my room where I kept my gun (which I have for THIS EXACT REASON!), but still no sign of the guy. I checked all the rooms for any sign of theft bad guys, but fortunately no one was around.

It finally dawned on me that my door is sometimes difficult to shut all the way, and I usually double check it but I was in a hurry today. What that means is that my door was open for 10 hours straight, allowing any bum/stray cat to wander on in to my warm duplex. It was warm because the furnace was trying its hardest to keep the temperature at 73 degrees. I do not look forward to receiving my heating bill this month, ugh.

In other news, I realize that I forgot to tell you the thrilling conclusion to my dire computer problem in the last post. I'm sure you were dying to find out! So to recap, my video card fries and I have no computer with which to enjoy the the services of Cox (lololololol). I remembered hearing that you can fix a bunk XBox by heating up its insides to a point at which the solder melts and reconnects to its respective node, so I thought the same method may apply to my video card. Heck, I didn't have much to lose, it was already trashcan-fodder. So I baked the card at about 350 for a while, let it cool, and voila! The card is like new again! It DID make the oven smell kinda weird, and I'll be wary the next time I make a pizza, but there's no such thing as a free lunch I guess.

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