Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Pictures from My Friends!

Over the weekend I pretty much just sat around because of my wisdom tooth recovery. During that time, I texted a few of my friends and asked them to send me a picture. Just a random picture, of anything. To my surprise, everyone responded (although one guy never sent a picture). It helped entertain me during my downtime, and so I decided to share the pictures I got.

Very random chair

Me at Geek.Kon with a hot Bomberman cosplayer!

My best friend's wife and their new dog

My friend's mom is obsessed with her daughter's violin skillz

Kinda creepy...


I would murder a child.

Yes, that's a man.


I'm not the only one who goes to thrift stores

Bullet cat!

Siamese apple?

It's a penis-shaped bubble


My friend's cookie contest entry

Raphael's bandanna with Leonardo's weapons. Conspiracy?

That was quite an entertaining night, especially on painkillers.

Oh, I got a Thrift Store Pen Pal item today!!! From Ginger Brad. I'll post tomorrow or sometime soon :)


  1. Baaaaaaahahahahaha that apple is fantastic.

  2. OMG that apple is too freaky!

  3. TADA!!! :D

  4. Bomberman with boobs? The jokes are way too easy. Excellent pictures all around.

    Hope you're fully healed from your surgery!