Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Extraction!

I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. This is me trying to smile immediately after surgery:

A valiant effort

I opted not to get the general anesthesia so I was awake the entire surgery, but I was on some good drugs so I didn't really care that they were yanking teeth out of my jaws. As a bonus to being awake during the surgery I got to hear them have trouble with the bottom two teeth. They had to drill into each of them and crush them in order to take them out piece by piece. It didn't hurt though.

I didn't do anything too weird, but I remember trying to take their blanket and thanking everyone. I also requested to keep my wisdom teeth. Only the top two were intact, so they gave me those.

A few hours later I was getting hungry so I ate lunch. Or rather, I drank lunch and took a bunch of drugs.

Not very fulfilling, although I felt good! Now it's day two and I'm about to pop an oxycodone, so I'll see you on the other side!


  1. Sucks to hear, man, but the drugs will make life good. Get well soon!


  2. Thanks man :) The drugs are, indeed, making me a happy guy!

  3. Oh my! I find people who choose to stay awake during surgery rather brave. Get well soon, friend!

    Side note, when I had knee surgery 4 years ago, I tried thanking everyone for being part of my experience. Haha!

  4. what are you going to do with those fully intact wisdom teeth? maybe make a necklace? you could paint them or glue them onto a plaque!


  6. Ohmygosh...that looks awful...and not just the teeth. :P Seriously, though, why would you take them?!? Are you waiting on the tooth fairy. haha I seriously hope you did not send me those...eek!!

    And, who drove you?!?!?! When I got mine out, I was dad and the nurse had to carry me to the car. haha Hope you are feelin better!

  7. you really should have opted for the laughing gas. that stuff is beautiful.

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  9. Maybe your two bottom teeth are impacted deep on the root that’s why the dentist had a hard time taking them out. At your age, normally some of the wisdom teeth are already deeply impacted. It is advisable to take them out as young as you are to prevent problems like that. Anyway, glad you made it! :)
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